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Interview with Legendary award-winning album/45 designers SPENCER DRATE with JUDITH SALAVETZ.

This show is part of The Making Vinyl interview series interviewing the major people in different vinyl areas.

The show title “DESIGNING FOR MUSIC” (1992) originated from their FIRST authored sold-out book profiling the best music packaging designers worldwide with their work and they both included.

Spencer Drate &
Judith Salavetz

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The DJ nightclub market saved the vinyl format during the wilderness years. Hear from some of the luminary spinners who know how to get people to move on a dance floor and a major turntable manufacturer catering to the professional DJ market.

Moderated By:
Chuck Ono


DJ BreakBeat Lou

DJ Shortkut

DJ Cut Chemist

DJ Z-Trip

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A conversation around what to know and do to make sure things go as planned and what to if they seem to be headed in another direction.

This session will address how to plan, budget, and ultimately have your record land in the hands of consumers.

Moderated By:
Chuck Gorman

Industry Consultant

Melanie Pillette,
Better Noise Music

Alex Cushing
Hand Drawn Records

Gene Zacharewicz 
Music industry Pro

Postponed – New Dates TBA.

A gripping true story that documents the amazing discovery of Africa’s last record factory. Locked away for twenty years, the fully functional machinery sat forgotten until Gordon Wallis stumbles across it in a desolate industrial site.

Listen to those that lived the wild elephant encounters, robberies, near-death experiences, and chaos that ensued as the giant machines are ripped from their dusty grave in a desperate attempt to give them a new life in Europe.

This event is free of charge but registration is required.

Moderated By:
Larry Jaffee

Making Vinyl

Gordon Wallis
Africa’s Lost Record Press

Andrzej Mackiewicz
Takt sp. z o.o.

Roy Mathews
Retired (EMI) 

How to Produce Your Vinyl Records Without Any Money
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You’re an artist or a label? Learn how to produce your records without spending any money. You’re a vinyl factory? Learn how to improve your conversion rate to have more quotes signed. You’re interested in stopping waste, stock, and overproduction in the vinyl industry? We have a solution for you

Alexis Castiel
CEO and Co-founder
of Diggers Factory

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This 1-hour session will be fast-paced and will demystify the vinyl record cutting process. Get the customized answers to your specific situation to ensure high-quality pressings every time.

Moderated By:
Scott Hull


Margaret Luthar
Welcome to 1979

Clint Holley
Well Made Music 

Greg Reierson
Rare Form Mastering

Noah Mintz
Lacquer Channel Mastering

How Delays Between Vinyl Mastering & Electroplating Can Result in A Rejected Test Pressing
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The single biggest factor that affects the quality of a pressing is the time between when a lacquer is cut and when it is processed in electroplating. Lacquer age affects, called Springback, was common knowledge in the 1960s and 70s. During this time the industry was aware of this phenomenon and safeguards were built into the process to avoid the drastic quality degradation when it occurs. Welcome To 1979 took a scientific approach to Springback and can showcase how drastic it can be in an attempt to bring this knowledge back into the mainstream. Lacquer Age will be explained, our experiment detailed, and sound clips played.

Download the audio files:

Chris Mara
Welcome to 1979

Discovering California Soul
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For over 14 years Cliff Beach has been releasing some of the best up-and-coming artists from Los Angeles, including Brian Sturges (Wall Of Flesh Soundtrack), Alex Nester of (Urban Renewal Project), Honey LaRochelle (The Brand New Heavies), Mestizo Beat, and his own projects The Moon Crickets and Cliff Beach. He will share his learning experiences in great making CDs and vinyl from start to finish, how to use streaming services like Spotify to promote your music in the digital age and why he feels vinyl has a resurgence and has a bright future ahead. This event is free of charge but registration is required.

Cliff Beach
Label Owner/Artist

More Sessions to be announced soon!