Bryan Ekus

Bryan Ekus

Bryan Ekus

President | Making Vinyl/Colonial Purchasing Co-op

I started my career as an electronic technician at videotape duplication facility long before there was the internet and when a fax machine was considered a revolution in information technology.

I became fascinated with manufacturing technology when the company I worked for bought its first videocassette tape winding machine from Italy.

Not knowing how the machine worked and without access to YouTube videos, I was forced into learning how to make international calls and spent months on the phone trying to understand what was supposed to happen when I pushed the power button.

Out of pity, the Italians ultimately hired me, and I went on to run their western hemisphere sales and technology operations for nearly 15-years.

Fast forwarding, I ran the MEDIA-TECH Association, currently serve as the president of Colonial Purchasing, and had the privilege to sit on multiple international boards influencing trade and industry.

I have many ideas and Making Vinyl was born out of the love of drinking Jack Daniels, zoning out to John Coltrane, and the need to do something before dementia sets in.


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