What is Making Vinyl?

Making Vinyl is a collective voice of experts, icons, & industry legends that are passionate about the vinyl record industry.  Making Vinyl is at the forefront of celebrating the global rebirth of vinyl records as a deluxe product coveted by consumers in the digital age as their preferred physical music carrier.

Since our first event in 2017 in Detroit, Making Vinyl’s networking platform provides opportunities for vinyl record makers, their consumables suppliers, content developers, turntable manufactures, record stores, and the record label to do business and learn from each other. It’s no wonder that a format that many thought was dead and buried decades ago reemerged with exponential growth that shows no sign of slowing down, even amid a pandemic and raw-material supply chain issues.

Our events and in-person meetings showcase technological developments that foster end-to-end collaboration to advance new workflow solutions and production/supply chain efficiencies.

This is NOT your father’s record industry anymore!

If you are frustrated with the scarcity of vendors and of raw materials, then Making Vinyl is for YOU. If you want to save time by learning best practices from industry experts, then Making Vinyl is for YOU. If you want to learn how to make money with the rebirth of the vinyl industry, then Making Vinyl is for YOU. If you want to build a network of Vinyl Industry experts, then Making Vinyl is for YOU.

Making Vinyl Objectives

  • Celebrate Vinyl as physical media’s shining star in the digital age
  • Deliver to attendees need-to-know info about Vinyl manufacturing challenges and opportunities
  • Reinforce that Vinyl’s rebirth is not a fad, as proven by 17 years of double-digit growth by Record Store Day over the past decade
  • Provide useful state-of-the-art info for mutual interests along the Vinyl supply chain, including retailers, labels, pressing plants, consumable suppliers, packagers, & music brokers
  • Provide networking opportunities for these diverse groups to meet each other and forge new relationships

Who Should Join?

  • Vinyl Manufacturers
  • Vinyl Mastering Service Providers
  • Lacquer Cutting Service Providers
  • Equipment Manufacturers
  • CD/DVD Replicators & Duplicators
  • Vinyl Consumables Suppliers
  • Packaging Suppliers – Labeling, Innersleeves, etc.
  • Record Labels
  • Copyrights Holders
  • Music Brokers
  • Turntable Manufacturers and Other Audio Components
  • Music Retailers
  • Printers
  • Vinyl Enthusiasts

What you will get at Making Vinyl?

  • Learn the circumstances leading up to this astounding comeback for a media format that most wrote off as dead and buried as recently as 15 years ago
  • Find out the latest figures on the size of the worldwide market, and why 10 years of continued growth in the digital age demanded that a new manufacturing mindset was needed
  • Meet the new vendors of pressing equipment that provides faster and greener technology than yesteryear’s methods, still in use by facilities that never gave up on the format
  • Hear experts along the Vinyl value chain, starting with PVC pellet suppliers to mastering engineers to factory engineers to packaging designers to record labels and retailers
  • Discover why consumers – from baby boomers who now replace their classic record collections to millennials who think they’re cool – don’t think twice about paying $25 for today’s LPs