Making Vinyl is the premier platform dedicated to the global resurgence of vinyl records. This annual conference brings together key players from every facet of the vinyl manufacturing and distribution industry, including record labels, pressing plants, packaging experts, retailers, and enthusiasts. Attendees gather to share insights, exchange ideas, and explore innovations shaping the future of vinyl.

Making Vinyl features a dynamic lineup of industry experts, thought leaders, and innovators who provide valuable perspectives on topics ranging from production techniques and technology advancements to market trends and consumer behavior. Through engaging panels, workshops, and networking opportunities, Making Vinyl offers unparalleled access to the latest developments and best practices driving the vinyl renaissance.

Since its inception, Making Vinyl has served as a catalyst for collaboration and growth within the vinyl community, fostering connections that drive innovation and propel the industry forward. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a newcomer to the vinyl market, Making Vinyl is the essential gathering for anyone passionate about the enduring appeal of vinyl records.


Making Vinyl is designed for a wide range of individuals who are passionate about the vinyl record industry, including:

  1. Vinyl record manufacturers and producers
  2. Record label executives and professionals
  3. Vinyl mastering engineers
  4. Vinyl cutting engineers
  5. Vinyl pressing plant personnel
  6. Vinyl record collectors and enthusiasts
  7. Music retailers and distributors
  8. Musicians and artists
  9. Audio equipment manufacturers
  10. Graphic designers and packaging experts
  11. Press and media representatives
  12. Industry analysts and researchers
  13. Legal and financial professionals who work with the vinyl record industry.

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