Charles Kirmuss

Charles Kirmuss

Charles Kirmuss

Owner | Kirmuss Audio

Inventor, Pioneer, Audiophile and always a Nerd!

Charles B. Kirmuss has several patents issued and pending on a variety of matters, including in 2018 his Record Groove Restoration System. He discovered the existence of a release agent in record grooves that led to his restoration process that may restore the breath of even 50-year-old pressings. His recent restoration of vinyl records and wax cylinders is getting global recognition.

Dropped out of University after 3 weeks, Kirmuss at a young age worked as a technician on the Canadarm for the Space Shuttle in 1978. He was CEO of a Technology Division in Canada for GE in 1985 and a CEO for Garda Security Technology in 1989. He was a CTO and Product Manager for several technology companies. He pioneered stationary and fixed station streaming Digital Video and Audio Recording Technology in 1991 through 2006. As a volunteer search team member in 2006, he pioneered real-time over the radio and cell phone GPS tracking and situational awareness. He manages and seeks out technology transfers between Korean and Chinese Mainland Technology leaders/incubators with market channel sales professionals. Shares his experiences both positive and negative with eager audiences worldwide. Fascinated with technology, he is a volunteer speaker on technology and IP matters including new trends in electronics at the annual Global Sources Electronics Show in Hong Kong since 2007, and now at global audio events. He is a Director and Fellow of the Radio Club of America, the oldest electronics society in the world and serves as their Awards Chair. Through RCA he supports youth to promote their entry into any technical field and public speaking through the RCA Youth Program as a stipend sponsor. Very passionate about audio enthusiasts being custodians of the artists both past and present and bringing them to life!


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