Clint Holley

Clint Holley

Clint Holley

Owner | Well Made Music

Clint began a love affair with records at the age of 12 when the vinyl format was being replaced by CDs and Clint’s parents routinely took him to early morning flea markets. With a few dollars in his pocket from mowing neighbors lawns, Clint was able to come home each week with stacks of classic vinyl and was instantly hooked.

After many years working in the live sound industry, Clint was introduced to Albert Grundy (Former AES President) and contracted Albert to restore and Neumann VMS70 lathe. Four month after picking the lathe up from Albert, Clint cut his first master and founded Well Made Music in May of 2009. A close association with Gotta Groove Records in Cleveland provided Clint with a steady stream of master recordings in all styles of music and allowed Clint to rapidly expand his knowledge base in the craft of disc cutting.

Almost 10 years later, Clint has trained one full time cutter and several part time associates while maintaining a full time cutting schedule. Unlike most mastering engineers, Clint focuses on disc cutting alone, allowing him the time needed to look into the deepest parts of this sometimes mysterious craft.

Notable records cut at Well Made Music include: Miles Davis – The Complete 10” Prestige Box Set — Skydog – The Duane Allman Retrospective — Otis Redding Live @ The Whisky A-Go-Go — Lee Ritenour – The Vinyl LP Collection


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