Connie Comeau

Connie Comeau

Connie Comeau

Chief Operating Officer | The ADS Group

Growing up a “city girl” in a small rural town in Wisconsin, Connie was exposed to a wide variety of music.  Some of her fondest memories were made around a bonfire, in an open field, a bottle of Southern Comfort and music blaring out of the back end of a pickup—a mixture of music; Hendrix, Morrison, Ted Nugent, Creedence, Marley, REO, and Meatloaf.  However, Connie’s music taste fell more in line with “Saturday Night Fever” versus “Cat Scratch Fever.”

Connie recalls her first 45 purchased was a single by Tony De Franco “It’s a Heartbeat,” it was De Franco’s only hit.

Her passion and lack of taste in music didn’t get her into the industry; it was the need for a paycheck. Connie’s been in or around the industry for 32 years and has been with ADS since 1999.

Connie states, I love the industry, and I am passionate about my ADS team.  One of her favorite quotes comes from the movie Godfather and has been instilled in her by the boss, Mr. Jean Lagotte, Jr. “This is the business we’ve chosen.”

A dream of Connie’s, to be an active participant on a Disco cruise.


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