Frank Hartwig

Frank Hartwig

Frank Hartwig


CDA Impressing Solutions, CDA is one of the largest independent manufacturers of optical storage media in Europe. Its range of products and services focusing on CDs, DVDs, and Blu-Ray discs also includes the complete processing of complex orders — from mastering to labeling and individual packaging and logistics solutions. CDA produces up to a million units of data storage media each day at its production facilities in Suhl and Charlotte alone.

Since 2005, the business division CDA Flash Media Solutions has offered “flashed” data on formats such as SD cards, micro-SD cards and SSD. It goes without saying that we provide ongoing service quality and comprehensive risk assessment; extensive tests for functionality, analysis and life span; as well as the development of our own software applications. That is how our customers benefit from a true “all-in-one” service with data transmission, production, packaging and micro-distribution.

The highly innovative business unit CDA Microfunctional Solutions is primarily involved with micro-optics and microfluidics as well as with printed electronics, i.e., printable electronic circuits. With micro-optics, optical elements are formed from various polymers, such as those used in mechanical engineering, automotive construction or consumer electronics. On the other hand, microfluidics deals with components for medical applications as well for food, environmental and biological technologies.


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