Frank Wonneberg

Frank Wonneberg

Frank Wonneberg


Frank Wonneberg has been working for various publishing houses since 1975, and from 1991 as freelance author. His work ranges from magazines, books, record covers, posters etc. Since 1985, he also writes for radio and hosted a radio show, ONLY VINYL, in 1994-96 and 2017.

After starting up a high-end vinyl magazine LIVING VINYL in 1995 (4 issues), Wonneberg turned to researching the history of the LP, releasing his VINYL LEXIKON as a paperback in 2000; the most recent edition was released as a large-format, well illustrated hard-cover coffee table book in 2016. His LABELKUNDE VINYL (2008), a labellography reference book with over 500 pages and 4,500 images, shows label pedigrees and matrix codes of all relevant countries and markets. With GRAND ZAPPA (2010), he transfers this global view of the medium to a singular case’s critical vinyl discography.

Since 2014, co-editor of the publication series THE LINDSTRÖM PROJECT (Contributions to the History of Record Industry). Volume 8, a discographic documentation to TWO THOUSAND YEARS OF MUSIC (Curt Sachs/Parlophon), recently won the Deutscher Musikeditionspreis „BEST EDITION 2019“ (German award for music edition).

Member of the Gesellschaft für Historische Tonträger (Society for Historical Recording Media, Vienna), IASA (Frankfurt), Arf-Society (Bad Doberan).

Frank Wonneberg also has extensive expertise in the production of vinyl projects.


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