Güenter Loibl

Güenter Loibl

Güenter Loibl

CEO | Rebeat Innovation

Born and raised in Tulln, a small town near Vienna, Austria, Guenter Loibl is the CEO of Rebeat and founder of HD Vinyl.

Loibl founded Rebeat back in 2001. Originally, Rebeat was a distributor for CDs and DVDs in Germany and Austria. In 2006, Guenter started Rebeat Digital, a digital music distributor with a focus on artist accounting.  Rebeat Digital recognized early that digital accounting would become a critical part of the music business, due to the sheer amount of reporting data generated by streaming platforms.

In 2012, Rebeat launched MES, the first integrated distribution and accounting software solution for labels and content owners.  MES is currently the only integrated solution addressing all aspects of running a modern music label: distribution, digital accounting, mechanicals, physical accounting, analytics, etc.

In 2013, Guenter acquired Preiser Records, one of Austria’s most traditional music labels. The first release on Preiser under Rebeat was Seiler & Speer, the most successful Austrian production in decades.

Guenter has always been focused on technology and the possibilities it provides.  Accordingly, his latest venture is HD Vinyl, a next general vinyl technology that offers a universal improvement to the industry’s most classic format.


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