Helge Sudau

Helge Sudau

Helge Sudau

CEO | My45

Helge Sudau was born in 1977. Besides running his law-firm in Munich he is since 2016 CEO and 50 % partner of MY45 Vinyl Pressing Plant in Tiefenbach, Bavaria.

MY45 has been founded by Helge’s longtime friend Andreas Bauer and started pressing vinyl singles in 2006. In 2015 Andreas and Helge took the decision to join and convert MY45 into a full range vinyl pressing plant that is fit for the digital age. Today MY45 is able to produce 7“ and 12“ records (140g and 180 g) from laquer-cutting, via galvanics to pressing and packing all in-house. What was a one-man-show less than 4 years ago, now is a 14-members-team with an output of around 600,000 records per year.

Helge will share his experiences in making the step from a micro-company to a well organized, highly efficient and still fast-growing company. As a lawyer and the managing head of MY45, he will especially focus on legal and economic conditions, marketing and management strategies and the challange of growing in a market that is becoming more difficult.


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