Henrik Damm Krogh

Henrik Damm Krogh

Henrik Damm Krogh

Founder & Owner | Nordsø Records

Henrik Damm Krogh is Founder and Owner of Nordsø Records, based in Copenhagen, Denmark.  Nordsø is a boutique vinyl pressing plant, one of the first plants in Europe with new machinery in the new era of vinyl.

A true entrepreneur, Henrik possesses a lifelong passion for vinyl. Collecting records has been in his blood since childhood when he developed a great passion for the magic of vinyl meeting art; he was doomed to start his own pressing plant.

Nordsø Records is more than a plant. It’s a culture hub open to visitors, where local bands host release parties for their LPs and the aesthetics of vinyl art exhibited. Henrik opened Nordsø back in 2015, installed Newbilt machinery in 2016 and soon became the talk of the town, or Northern Europe actually. Even The Economist stopped by to check it out.

Henrik is a treasured speaker at Danish events, started his own Festival, Nordhavn Live, and has been involved in several special editions including art galleries, book awards and live recordings at the plant.


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