Jocelynn Pryor

Jocelynn Pryor

Jocelynn Pryor

Head of Marketing | Amped Distribution

Jocelynn has worked with thousands of labels and artist over the years, and has coached, consulted, mentored and served as a guide to strategize and monetize this art form. Her distribution achievements include bringing to market such breakout acts as The Civil Wars, Lindsey Stirling, Anderson.Paak, Five Finger Death Punch, Major Lazer, Five Finger Death Punch and so many more.

As current head of marketing for AMPED Distribution, Jocelynn began her career in the music business at record retail from a Sam Goody mall store in Downey, CA to the flagship store in Hollywood for Wherehouse Music, she worked her way up to the corporate office at Borders Books & Music running the multi-media marketing for the Western third of the U.S. A move back to Wherehouse Music/ Transworld Entertainment, eventually, Jocelynn made the leap from entertainment retail to music wholesale and distribution at Super D in Irvine, CA. Brought in to head marketing for Super D Independent Distribution (SDID) she was also charged with directing music marketing for the direct-to-consumer retail entity for Super D as well as SDID. As the industry continued to consolidate, Jocelynn found opportunity within then Super D, now Alliance Entertainment channels becoming one of the founders of the newly merged AEC and SDID independent distribution entities called AMPED Distribution. Today, AMPED is the new kid on the block in terms of distribution but currently the fastest growing digital and physical distributor in the global distribution game. Additionally, Jocelynn is still overseeing the music marketing for DirectToU (DTC) channel of Alliance Entertainment. As an arts advocate, she is also a board member on the Arts Council for the City of Long Beach and chair of the Arts LB fundraising committee. She’s a proud member of A2IM and Music Biz.

At the end of the day, music and all the trappings will always need to reach someone and Jocelynn remains a steady force connecting the music with its fans.


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