Liz Dunster

Liz Dunster

Liz Dunster

Founder & CEO | Erika Records

Liz Dunster is Founder & CEO Erika Records Inc. that was established in 1981, becoming the first-ever female owner of a vinyl record manufacturing plant. Under her leadership, the business has grown from 2 record presses to 40 presses currently running, with plans to expand to 44 by the end of year.

Also as a result of including jacket manufacturing in the company’s arsenal, she streamlined the process and made ordering conducive for the customer. The company is the largest manufacturer of custom records and picture discs in the USA due to Liz’s innovative spirit and commitment to re-imagining music’s oldest medium.

By pushing Erika Records to be the first record manufacturer to only use 100% lead-free vinyl material she has influenced the industry as a whole to become more ecological and mindful of the consumer. Dunster has been keeping vinyl alive for 38 years. She hopes to inspire a whole new generation to do the same.


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