Michael Hosp

Michael Hosp

Michael Hosp

CEO | kdg Mediatech GmbH

About me

Birthday: 0 5. 11.

At kdg: April 1, 1992

His specialty:  very clear: his drive, his enthusiasm and the fact that he always likes to grab and bravely, if the situation demands it

What one recognizes him from afar: at his walk 

What he cares about in his job:  to create something new together, to spark something and to work with people

What excites him: when dreams and visions become reality when more is created together, and of course also supposedly small things like a great piece of music, just when it gets under your skin.

What you should not ask him better:  there is nothing, it can then stop, that the answer is a little more extensive 

His motto:  Every day has something good.

Where to find him in his free time:  at home with his family, in nature 

What he prefers to do privately:  spending time with his family and friends, having good conversation

His secret (s) passion (s):  good food, art, and music


Together, we are
Making Vinyl.

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