Nina Palmer

Nina Palmer

Nina Palmer

National Sales Director | Ross-Ellis

Nina grew up in the vinyl industry. Living in New Jersey,  dinner table conversations centered on swing arms and cake cups, demonstrated by silverware and dishes.  She went to college for as long as possible.  Graduated with several degrees; German lit, library science.   Found out they were not too practical and started working for her dad, the co-inventor of the Lened press.

That was the beginning of a life long journey in the music business.  She  co- owned a pressing plant in South Jersey for a short time.  Here she learned all about manufacturing and scheduling and customer service and independent  labels.

Concurrently in Montreal, Canada , was a printer who did some work in the music industry for the majors in Canada. The built a jacket fabrication machine and perfected a very high gloss UV (not environmental in today’s world) and decided to try to peddle their wares in the United States.

Nina’s pressing plant was a big consignee for Ross Ellis and fate struck and Nina was given the opportunity to participate in the opening of a US office for Ross Ellis.

The rest is history, from jackets, to cassette inserts, to CD packaging – long boxes ( remember them) to digipak and right back to record jackets.  It has been a long and wonderful ride with an incredible printing organization and a team of amazing passionate people.  Currently she manages a team of sales reps and CSRs with the title National Sales Director.

Nina resides in Southern California with her husband, 3 dogs and a tortoise.


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