Robert John Hadfield

Robert John Hadfield

Robert John Hadfield

Owner | Audiomover

Robert John Hadfield ( is the owner of Audiomover (,one of the most prominent analog-to-digital service organizations in the United States. Audiomover specializes in large-quantity cassette-to-digital projects for government agencies, historical societies, churches and individuals. It has digitized libraries as large as 115,000 cassettes, and has assisted in archiving audio and videotapes for notable historic figures and prominent celebrities.

Robert John Hadfield has been involved in media production since his teens. He worked as a professional musician in the 1990s performing regionally across several western states. Some of his original music was utilized in ABC network and USA network Television specials. In 1995 Robert John also received a bachelor’s Degree in Advertising Copywriting from Brigham Young University.

In the late 1990s, after spending thousands of hours in recording studios, he built his own audio and video production studio. For the last twenty years, he has had a successful career as a director, producer and actor for media development in both marketing and eLearning. From 2011-2017 he led several pioneering e-learning media projects for a fortune 500 company located in Colorado.

From 2007 – 2012 Robert John was also invited to be a speaker for an organization called “Especially For Youth” where he traveled across the country inspiring young audiences to live a life of values and ethics. He has also worked as a successful actor and performer appearing in a wide range of stage productions, TV commercials and many other things.

Today his Audiomover facility is located St George, Utah. It includes a full-service audio/video production studio.

Of course, his collection of 2000+ records is prominently displayed in the studio along side his Pro-Ject Audio turntable.


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