Steve Sheldon

Steve Sheldon

Steve Sheldon

President | Rainbo Records

Steve Sheldon has spent virtually his entire professional life in manufacturing for the entertainment industry. He started his career in the music business in the print shop at Rainbo Records while attending college in 1971.  As the years progressed he played many roles at Rainbo.  He was named CEO / General Manager in 1986 and President in 2003.  Along with Jack Brown, the founder of Rainbo Records (circa 1939), Steve has led Rainbo from strictly a vinyl pressing plant in the 70’s to a cassette manufacturer in the 80’s, transitioned to compact disc in the 90’s, and DVD’s in the early 2000’s.

Today, Rainbo is enjoying the resurgence of vinyl while continuing to replicate CD’s, DVD’s and believe it or not, cassettes in the Canoga Park, Ca plant.

Steve, along with his wife Nina, has four sons and they reside in Northridge, California.


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