HD Vinyl takes next step with debut of 3D topography software Perfect Groove

HD Vinyl, the next generation of vinyl records, promises a better, faster, and more eco-friendly production process, as well as higher audio quality and longer playing time.
Rebeat Innovation, the company behind HD Vinyl, is now unveiling the software that creates 3D topographies required for laser-cutting HD Vinyl stampers. Called ‘Perfect Groove,’ the software is being unveiled at Making Vinyl in Berlin in May.

Tulln, March 2019 – HD Vinyl, the patented technology from Rebeat Innovation, is set to transform the production of vinyl stampers completely. Now an important milestone was reached with the development of the so called “Perfect Groove” software. It allows mastering engineers not only to transform recordings into 3D topographies required for HD Vinyl stamper production. It also enables them to minimize the space between grooves and thus gain room for higher dynamics, a larger frequency range or longer play time. “I am proud to introduce Perfect Goove at Making Vinyl” says Rebeat CEO Günter Loibl. “It was there that I initially presented my crazy idea of producing record stampers with lasers.”

First audio simulation of HD Vinyl
Participants at Making Vinyl in Berlin will not only have the opportunity to see the software in action, but also to hear the first audio simulations of HD Vinyl. With the first HD Vinyl stampers still months down the road, this will be the premier to experience improvements in dynamics and frequency range.

Collaboration with world-renowned mastering engineers
In order to shape the software to modern mastering needs Rebeat approached Scott Hull, vinyl mastering legend from New York and 4-times Grammy winner Darcy Proper, based in the Netherlands. “Their vast experience and deep knowledge were invaluable to our software” explains Loibl, “they gave us an understanding of what mastering engineers want and need .”

Loibl at Making Vinyl, May 3 in Berlin
With its focus on the record industry, Making Vinyl has been a platform for HD Vinyl from day one. Now the B2B event comes to Berlin and Loibl was invited to speak about “Vinyl 4.0 The next generation of making records”. “There is a lot happening in the industry” tells Loibl, “and I am excited to discuss with Viryl Technologies, Green Vinyl and others what the future of records will look like”.

About Rebeat and HD Vinyl
Rebeat Innovation GmbH is based in Tulln, Austria, also home to Rebeat Digital GmbH, a worldwide music distributor, royalty accounting specialist and content management platform. Rebeat incubated HD Vinyl in 2015 with the aim to completely transform stamper production and radically upgrade the traditional vinyl record. The format introduces a faster, better and more environmentally friendly manufacturing process. HD Vinyl’s optimized grooves will contain 30% more audio information, a higher frequency response, and 30% longer playing time. The next-generation format will be backwards-compatible and playable on every standard turntable.