2021 Packaging Awards FAQ

Q: What are the Making Vinyl Packaging Awards?

A: The awards competition aims to recognize the best in physical album packaging. Fifteen categories delve into the art and craft of creating a compelling package that matches the artistry of the music. This is the fourth year Making Vinyl has produced this competition.

Q: How often is this competition held? 

A: This is an annual event with a call for entries starting in October.  See here last year’s competition.


Q: How and when will the award winners be presented?

A: Details will be posted on https://makingvinyl.com.

Q: How are the awards judged?

A: A panel of professional, award-winning art directors will review submissions and vote on their overall aesthetic value, meeting certain criteria depending on the category (see descriptions). Points are tallied automatically.

Q: How can my submission stand out from the rest of the pack?

A: It behooves submitters to provide as many high-resolution, quality photographs, as well as full-motion video, that best shows why the package meets the level of excellence.

Q: How and when must I submit an entry to be considered?

Entries must be submitted entirely electronically by Monday, December 20, 2021.  Be sure to fill out all fields on the entry form including credit card number, expiration date, security code, address of cardholder account; submitter’s email and phone number; and who should be listed on the trophy should the entry win.

Q: When must have an entry be released to be eligible for consideration?

A: Nov. 21, 2020, and has been extended to Dec 20, 2021.

How and when will submitters be alerted if they are a finalist or did not win?

A: Within January 2021.

Q: How are finalists and winners are determined?

A: A panel of art directors and designers will review all the submissions, from which the five entries in each category that received the most votes will become finalists.  Winners will be selected by a select group of judges.

Q: Although
Vinylis in the competitions title, do you also accept other forms of physical media?

A: Yes, there are categories recognizing excellence in the packaging of compact discs, audiocassettes, and books combined with physical media.

Q: Can an entry be submitted in more than one category?

A: Yes, entries can be entered in multiple categories, as long as it makes sense and meets the description. For example, vinyl or CD boxed set could also be submitted in the ‘And They Said It Couldn’t Be Done’ categories, or submission could be entered in the ‘Record Store Day’ and ‘Best Vinyl Reissue’ categories.

Q: Is the competition global?

A: Yes, packages released from anywhere in the world are eligible within the eligibility timeframe.


Q: Are refunds possible? 

A: No, once the entry is submitted it is not possible to request a refund.

Q: What do winning entries receive?

A: Winners will receive a gold record that provides the title and category, as well as the individual or company responsible for the creation or submitting, but you must tell us in advance that information to ensure it will be inscribed properly. The same is true for runners-up, who will receive certificates.

Q: Who may submit entries for the competition?

A: Submissions may come from record labels, pressing plants, brokers, packagers, printers, mastering facilities, artists, and distributors.


Q: How much does it cost to enter the awards?

A; $85 for one entry, $70 each for two to five entries from the submitter (e.g., label, packager, manufacturer, distributor, artist, etc.), $60 each for six to ten entries, and $50 each for eleven or more entries in other categories.


Q: When is payment due?
A; Payment is due when you have started your entry form, in order to complete your submission.


Q: Will there be a Best in Showaward?

A: Yes, the judges will pick a ‘Best in Show Alex Steinweiss Award’ from the finalists.


Q: Who is Alex Steinweiss and why is there an award named after him?

A: Alex Steinweiss was the creator of the first commercially intended album cover for Columbia Records in 1939. He’s widely regarded as the father of the modern entertainment packaging industry. He died in 2011. At the first Making Vinyl ceremony in 2017, Alex’s son and grandson presented an award.

Q: Are there really two categories honoring compact discs and another for cassettes?

Yes, while most of the competition is focused on vinyl, there is one category for multi-disc CD boxed sets, and another titled “And the said it couldn’t be done,” demonstrating particular ingenuity in packaging a single CD.


For general questions, email Larry Jaffee at [email protected].  Online support, email Aimee Eaddy at [email protected]