JUNE 7-8

The world’s leading vinyl record manufacturers will congregate in Minneapolis at the Lowes Minneapolis Hotel on June 7-8, 2023 to trade notes on state-of-the-art production of the format, as new and existing pressing plants are expanding global capacity. Industry leaders will present their latest breakthroughs in improving productivity and output that will alleviate the nine-month back orders struggling to keep up with consumer demand.

With the vinyl comeback well established over the past decade, this edition of Making Vinyl – marking our sixth year – will focus on the business aspects of sustaining profitable growth amid rising prices, considerable supply chain issues and raw materials shortages.

All aspects of the vinyl comeback will be explored to keep the retail and e-commerce supply chain teeming with new releases and reissues of previously released material. Vinyl’s current popularity – 15 years of double-digit growth – defies all technological and economic logic in the digital age.

More information to be available soon! 

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