The pandemic interrupted Making Vinyl’s continued growth since 2017 as the only B2B conference dedicated to all aspects of record manufacturing.

Our Nashville event promises to provide the latest information on how the vinyl industry continues to pump our record-setting volumes, amid consumer demand, considerable supply chain issues related to raw materials shortages, as well as increased prices.

Making Vinyl Nashville conference will be held at a new pressing plant, The Vinyl Lab and plating facility/demos tours of Welcome to 1979, the renown vinyl mastering and plating facility, will be offered. 

Incidentally, The Vinyl Lab is one of three new plants coming online or already operating in Nashville, joining the long-established United Record Pressing, further indicating the bullish view market forces have for vinyl’s future. 

Photos credit Michael Weintrob

DAY 1 – The Vinyl Lab
9 am – 6 pm Conference
6 pm – 9 pm Networking Party

Welcome to 1979 –Plating Facility & Demos 

Day 2 – The Vinyl Lab
9 am – 1 pm Conference

Welcome to 1979 – Plating Facility & Demos 

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Making Vinyl reserves the right to make changes without prior notice

Updated 07 June 2022 

The Davidson Health Department, which includes Nashville, TN, does not require proof of vaccination to enter public or private indoor locations. Additionally, they do not require face masks. Vaccines and masks are highly recommended but no longer required to attend our Insiders Event.

If at any time you are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, please do not attend the event and stay away from others. We will be recording the event, and in case you miss it, you can always catch it shortly afterward on demand when you are feeling better.   

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MAKING VINYL has a no refund policy. Tickets can be transferred to another company staff member at no charge, however, a refund is not permitted. To transfer your ticket to another staff member at your company, please contact [email protected]

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