Physical Media World Conference & ‘Making Vinyl’

1-2 September 2022, Capitol, Offenbach, Germany

Demonstrating that consumers still want physical media in the digital age, the Recording Industry Association of America reported RIAA reported last month that vinyl revenue topped US$1 billion for the first time since 1986 and those CDs and vinyl both showed growth together for the first time since 1996.

Capitalizing on this positive news, Making Vinyl and the Media-Tech Business Forum plan to update the industry on similar European trends at the Physical Media World Conference’ on 1-2 September 2022 to be held in Offenbach, close to Frankfurt, Germany. The event will occur at the Capitol Theatre a state-of-the-art venue for business conferences and live entertainment alike. The conference will take start one day before the well-known Riviera Festival Offenbach“ is starting with a conference and an interesting music event. Participation in the Riviera festival is included in the entrance ticket for the “Physical Media World Conference”. “Our goal is to breathe new life into the packaged media industry, and we promise to offer a robust discussion and networking platform,” states Bernhard Krause, founder of Media-Tech Business Forum.

The first part of the event, “Physical Media World,” will focus on all physical formats, including CD, audiocassette, DVD, and Blu-ray discs, among them. The second part, “Making Vinyl Europe,” will concentrate on all aspects of the astounding and continued growth of the vinyl format over the past 15 years. “This upcoming event will pick up where we left off in May 2019,” explains Making Vinyl president Bryan Ekus, alluding to the transatlantic alliance’s first European two-day conference in Berlin, Germany, at the storied Meistersaal, where David Bowie recorded “Heroes”. Of course, the global prevented the business partners to safely schedule another in-person event – until now.

Following the conference, the two organizations will co-host a networking party.

“The Making Vinyl/Media-Tech partnership is symbolic of the current end-to-end collaboration and cooperation in setting best practices for the vinyl pressing industry,” Ekus adds. Making Vinyl was launched as the first dedicated B2B conference in Detroit in 2017 by Colonial Purchasing Cooperative, which remains the event’s primary producer.

Past conferences featured top executives from the world’s top pressing plants, as well as newcomers in the market, and other professionals throughout the vinyl value chain, including mastering, plating, packaging raw materials suppliers, and machinery vendors.

“We had a hunch that we were onto something with a B2B conference devoted to vinyl’s comeback, and the outpouring of comments that it’s been the best business conference they’ve ever attended has been especially gratifying,” adds Ekus.

The online registration for the Physical Media World Conference will be open in early May 2022 via

Contact Persons:

Bryan Ekus
+1 407-733-1901
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Bernhard Krause
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