Smashed Plastic Opens Pressing Plant in Chicago

After a 20 year dry spell in the Windy City, there is a new pressing plant in town.  The last plant in the Chi-town was allegedly shut down by the FBI for pressing bootleg Indian records.

Smashed Plastic decided to go into the business after hearing that local bands having to wait for months to get their vinyl’s pressed.

Currently Smashed Plastic is running the latest steamless technology from Viryl technologies that have helped them navigate the difficulties of Chicago’s heavily regulation of steam boilers.

Typically vinyl presses usually require a steam boiler to melt the PVC pellets, but Viryl has designed a hot-water system that can achieve the necessary 285 degrees Fahrenheit without the use of steam or even a tank.

Smashed Plastic received their pressing in July and has been in a soft launch phase since then with plans to “go full steamless ahead” in January 2019.

Source: The Reader