Web Series: Episode Three
The Resurgence of the Audio Cassette

September 1 @ 5:00 pm CET (11:00 am New York Time)

Vinyl isn’t the only physical format that has made a comeback. This session will take a deep dive into cassette culture, sourcing, manufacturing, and why this format has a certain attraction that streaming hasn’t been able to duplicate.

Confirmed Speakers:

Alon Avnon – Chairman, Recording The Masters
Steve Stepp, President, National Audio Company
Rebecca Tuhus-Dubrow, Author, Personal Stereo
Antonio Scotti, Vice President, Tapematic
Matthew Lyttle, Engineer, Golding Products

Moderated by: Bryan Ekus & Larry Jaffee, Making Vinyl

Web Series: Episode Four
Is The CD Dead, Or Alive?

September 28 @ 5:00 pm CET (11:00 am New York Time)

More information to be listed soon!

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Web Series: Episode One
The State of Physical Media: Executive Update

June 29, 2021

We kicked off our monthly webinar series that focuses on all formats of physical media. This new series called “Physical Media World” will provide insights into the packaged media industry, as well as movers and shakers of the record manufacturing industry.

Market Presentation by: Alexandre Jornod, Lead Market Analyst – Music & Audio at Futuresource Consulting.

Click here to download the pdf presentation

Panel Session:
Karen Emanuel, CEO, Key Production (London) Ltd.
Sven Deutschmann, CEO, Sonopress GmbH
Justin Kristal, President, Copycats
Nike Koch, Director of Operations, Sony Music
Moderated by: Bryan Ekus, President Colonial Purchasing & Co-Founder of Making Vinyl

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Web Series: Episode Two

Vinyl: More Sustainable Than You Think

July 28th @ 5 pm CET (11 am New York Time)

Yes, it’s primary consumable may be derived from fossil fuel, but today’s record is not like yesteryear’s from the perspective of raw materials including lead-free PVC and recycled paper. Hear from the environmental-minded record label, pressing plant, PVC supplier, a Vinyl Institute, and a professor who has proven that digital music leaves a bigger carbon footprint than physical media.

Viny Sustainability Update: Domenic DeCaria, The Vinyl Institute
Panel Session: Sharon George, Keele University; Nike Koch, Sony Music; Matt Earley, Gotta Groove Records, Ugo Berardinelli, CAF Italy
Moderated by: Larry Jaffee, Co-Founder, Making Vinyl

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