Market Intelligence

Nashville 2022

The Vinyl Revolution: What the Research Shows Portia Sabin, MusicBiz – download pdf

NAPCO: Vinyl’s Best Kept Packaging Secret Jerry Pearce 

Vinyl’s Next Frontier: NFTs Gar Ragland, Vinylkey 

Vinyl’s Recent Growth: It’s No Fluke Alexandre Jornod, Futuresource – download pdf

Don’t Make Assumptions About Gender & Vinyl Karlyn King, University of Birmingham – download pdf

Why You Should Join The VRMA Yoli Mara • Dustin Blocker

Electroplating explained for a new generation of platers and pressers Ron Greenspan – download pdf

Vinyl Saved Physical Media: View From a Label Donna Ross, Concord – download pdf

Counterfeit Vinyl- Enforcement in the eCommerce Age Marcus Cohen, RIAA – download pdf

Offenbach 2022

Now It’s Manufactured, What Happens? A Fulfillment Primer David Hool, Woodland Entertainment, download pdf

A Postcard That Plays Music? Kenneth Winkler, Vinylpostcards

Modern-Day Quality Control Issues Gil Tamazyan, Capsule Labs – download pdf

SimuLathe – Virtual Master Cut Helmut Erler, Tokyo Dawn – link to video & related Q & A